Saturday, July 15, 2006

June PPC

I'm a little late posting these stats this month, but here is how much I made on average per raw click in June from various sponsors:

Teen Revenue = 22.8 cents/click
Mayors Money = 10.4 cents/click
Diesel Action = 9.6 cents/click
Trafic Cash Gold = 6.5 cents/click
Naughty Bank = 5.8 cents/click

Average = 9 cents/click

If you have a website and you are not doing at least one of these programs you are throwing away money every single month!

In other news, Mayors Money has launched 3 new sites to promote:
Fucking the Help is all about tricking girls hired to clean into doing a little extra work.
Spank Hut features extreme spanking.
Crazy Club Chicks features girls who get a little too wild in clubs and on spring break.

So far, I have just featured these new sites in the profile page banner rotations. I will let you know how they do next month.

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