Monday, November 19, 2007

Eval Passwords for Webmasters

I recently posted on GFY asking how many people insist on eval passwords before adding an affiliate. Almost everyone who replied said they do insist on it and gave me the impression that almost every site offers eval passwords. I was pleasantly surprised as I have often paid to evaluate a sponsor site out of my own pocket to make sure it is up to standard.
With this new information in hand I started asking all of the affiliate sites I work with to provide me with an eval password to make sure their member provided all aspects advertised in the tour as I absolutely hate false advertising. Unfortunately, the response was not what I had expected. Very few of the affiliates I contacted replied to my e-mails despite the fact that I have sent hundreds or even thousands of dollars in referred traffic to them. In order to help other webmasters I will shortly compile a table showing when I requested an eval passwords and when (or if) the affiliate responded and provided the password. I will also show the number of sales I have sent to each affiliate as (understandably) some would provide passwords only after some threshold of sales.
Of course it's pretty easy to tell which affiliates don't deliver on their member sections even if they don't provide a password by looking at re-bills and user posts, but nothing is better than a first hand look.

If anyone is reading this and has noticed any sites that are listed in the camgirl section that don't deliver on their tour please contact me so i can look into the issue. Nothing eeks me more than a site that promises webcam shows on their tour and doesn't deliver.

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